“Orlanda is the hottest analyst for feature film scripts”

Michael Faunce-Brown, screenwriter / filmmaker


“I’ll be putting together some rough notes on DECEASED. Orlanda, your writing has moved to a new level. Looks good on you.”

Larry Myles, Red Inkworks


“When looking for script consultants, many parameters must be taken into account. The most important is the writer’s/consultant’s field of expertise.
At first, I entrusted a Sci-Fi pilot to an online consultant who turned out to be leaning toward romantic comedies. A mistake made, never to be repeated.
After careful research, I discovered Orlanda and entrusted her with my latest draft of my feature project called “The Deus Passage”; a Sci-Fi Adventure in genre (or Superhero genre, as Blake Snyder would call it).
The results can be described by a single word: Magic!
Her notes, suggestions and changes throughout the script were great! And they were done in a way that allowed me to keep on going with the implementations with a pace I never thought possible.
At first, the script was an easy read. Now it flows naturally with amazing and sharp imagery, ready to pay a visit to the studios.
There are many good words I can say to describe Orlanda, some of which are intelligence, expertise and a great personality.
Her input was great and I learned a lot about the business in the process.
It’s a great pleasure working with her and I will definitely request her services for several more projects that are in development!”

Vassilis Kontodimas, Owner, Vakon DD and Motion Pictures and Film Consultant, 2009


“I finished what I thought was a pretty good first draft, then began searching the Net for a script consultant. Just Google — SCRIPT CONSULTANT in quotes, and you’ll get around 70, 000 hits.
Fortunately I had previously made contact with Orlanda through one of my posts the “Screenwriter’s Network Worldwide” group on Linkedin. After sending her my first draft she returned a 22 page set of very detailed notes.
Obviously she doesn’t just skim over your script and take your money. I not only gained what I need to improve my script, but a better understanding of the screenwriting process.
So if you want to look like a pro when you submit a script to either a producer, agent or contest, it would be a great idea to send it to Orlanda first.
Would I recommend Orlanda? — OH YEAH”

Thom Ferrell, October 31, 2009


“Orlanda has a keen eye for the details that make a screenplay work. Her attention to structure and pointed comments regarding action sequences steer a writer towards a more concise, direct expression of ideas.”

Mary Dunkerly, screenwriter


“Orlanda’s a highly creative thinker and writer with the scripts to prove it. She gave me wise words and guidance as a script doctor which elevated my paltry screenplay.
She’s loaded with enthusiasm and energy.”

Anne Brodie, Owner, AnneBrodieInk, November 23, 2008

* worked directly with Orlanda at Freelance Writer


“Orlanda is a creative gem, with excellent skills in Screenwriting from structure, story, characters and dialogue. She has been a driving force in my writing successes and I consider Orlanda a great colleague and friend.”

Steve Calderwood, Screenwriter, Pandalerium Productions, October 19, 2008

* was with another company when working with Orlanda at Freelance Writer


“Orlanda was fantastic with my script – the Australian Film Commission awarded spec called ‘DESCENT’, a gritty sci-fi thriller.
She polished two earlier drafts and by doing so, taught me HOW to effectively cut the dead wood out of narrative.
She has a rare gift for descriptive narrative and hip dialogue. Also her turnaround time is fast, fast, fast. I strongly recommend her.”

Mark Familton, Dr, Dr MJG Familton Specialist Anaesthetist, September 23, 2008

* worked directly with Orlanda at Self Employed


“Orlanda has developed strong screenwriting skills which enable her to create complex stories and bring them to the screen in a extremely entertaining manner.
Her experience in many facets of the the film industry give her a unique perspective on what it takes be a successful screen writer.”

A.J. Ferrara, Writer, AJ Books, Inc., September 7, 2008

* was with another company when working with Orlanda at Self Employed


“I have worked closely with Orlanda in the past and found her to be a highly professional and imaginative writer and editor. We exchanged scripts during the Scriptforsale High Concept ProSeries and I benefited greatly from her expertise.
I have no hesitation in recommending Orlanda for any work she chooses to perform.”

Herb Bryce, Screenwriter, hbenterprises, October 14, 2008

* studied with Orlanda at Scriptforsale High Concept ProSeries


“A lady I met on movie set! A hard working gal who loves and is true to her craft! Success will be in the cards for her!”

Maurice Asselin, actor


 “She is a great screen writer & editor. She has real talent in bringing her characters to life (and those she works on) allowing the reader to connect with the story. She has a great sense of humour & is a decent human being.
Orlanda is a real professional with not only a strong work ethic, but she regularly works to improve her craft. ”

T Masters-Heinrichs, supernatural & thriller short story writer